What is MK24

Q. What’s the MK 24 and when is it?

The MK24 is a unique event held between Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th June 2022 over a period of 24 hours.

Q. Are we expected to run for 24 hours?

No, certainly not. However, you can if you wish! Our motto is “Run it your way”, because you can choose to run as much or as little as you want.

Q. So if I wanted to try and do as much as I can, is that OK?

Yes. There are prizes for the solo runners who cover the greatest distance or most laps over the 24 hours, the fastest lap time and a prize for the team that cover the greatest distance.

Q. So can you enter as a team?

Yes, anyone can enter with their running pals as a team of between 2-6 runners. Just give your team a name and nominate a leader for the purposes of registering.

Q. Do the team take it turns in a relay?

Basically yes, but if some team members want to run together, they can, but of course it will only count as 1 lap for the team prize.

Q. How far is a lap?

Each lap is measured at 6.55 miles or a quarter of a marathon.

Q. So if you do 2 laps then that is a half marathon or if you do 4 laps then that is a full marathon?

Yes absolutely, but the beauty of MK24 is that you don’t have to complete the laps one after the other.

Q. So if you did one lap then came back and do more so long as it’s within the 24 hours that’s ok

Yes exactly. “Run it your way”, take a break between laps and soak up the event village atmosphere or go for a snooze, it’s up to you.

Q. Where does the route take you?

This year the route avoids the very busy waterfront area of the lake. Starting at Willen Lake Race HQ through the lovely Campbell Park to the top where the views are amazing from the light Pyramid or Beacon as it’s known locally. Through the MK rose which commemorates worldwide events and back down through Campbell Park to the Grand Union Canal for a short distance until you reach the infamous Zig-Zags. Pass the Iconic Peace Pagoda before running around both lakes and heading into the River Ouzel Valley and surrounding parkland before returning via the MK Marina back to the finish.

Q. That looks like a very scenic route. Do runners receive a medal for their efforts?

Yes, everyone who takes part whether they do 1 lap, are part of a team or run solo non-stop, will receive a special bespoke medal plus our iconic embroidered hand towel. Those who complete more laps will receive the 13.1 miles, 26.2 miles, Ultra Marathon and double Marathon pin badges

Q. So how does one enter?

All the details and links to the entry portal can be found at www.MK24Run.com. There are also details of how you can reserve a pitch in our camp site.

Q. Is camping permitted?

Yes, we will have a secured area at the run HQ which will be available for camping both Friday and Saturday nights. So why not camp under the stars as a place rest between laps.

Q. Will there be other facilities available?

Yes, there will be portable toilets on site, as well as public toilets nearby. Showers are available at the nearby Premier Inn for our use. Hot food and drink will be available to purchase at certain times during the event at our BBQ or a Pizza Van, plus nearby tenders including a pub/restaurant and café.