2pm Saturday 15th June – 2pm Sunday 16th June 2019


Freedom Leisure, the gym at Willen lake, 200 yds from the MK24 HQ and camp site are inviting all participants to full access to their facilities including the exercise machine’s, swimming pool, sauna, showers and changing room during opening hours over the entire weekend 15th and 16th June 2019.

Imagine the beautiful views at sunrise as you run along the midsummer ley line in Milton Keynes.  MK24 The Midsummer Run is the new event in Milton Keynes which may take you to a different place and time with your running.     

If you are looking for something different in your 2019 running calendar you have come to the right place. Our event is off road along redways and foot paths, picturesque and suitable for all abilities.  The route takes you along the midsummer leyline in a number of places and includes many of the key icons of Milton Keynes along the way including the Rose and Medicine Wheel Stone circles as well as the Beacon.  Each lap is 6.55 miles (1/4 marathon distance) and the event will start at 2pm on Saturday 15th June culminating on Sunday 16th June at 2pm a total of 24 hours. 

“Run it your way”

Run 1 lap in total at any point in the 24 hour period

Run (or walk) the sunrise lap (3.53am on 16th June)

Run 1 lap one day and another lap the next day totalling half marathon in 24 hours

Run 4 laps in total within 24 hours to give you a marathon distance completed

Run solo for a full 24 hours – how many laps will you do in that time?

Take turns by entering a team (up to 6 runners)

There are so many options the event lends itself to most people of any running ability so come along and join the fun. (Restricted to 18 years and over)

To qualify for inclusion in the 100 Marathon Club or similar as a full marathon or ultra, individuals will be required to complete at least 4 continuous laps. Results and clarification will be publish on the website at the conclusion of the event.

2019 is the inaugural MK24 event and we are hoping it will become one of the most memorable running events that Milton Keynes has to offer .  Supported and organised by members of Redway Runners the entry fee includes a bespoke medal, momento and  is as follows:-

  • £33 – EA affiliated runners
  • £35 – Non EA affiliated runners

(£5 discount for members of Redway Runners)

It may still be possible for runners to book on the day but an additional late fee of £5 (donation to Redway Runners charity of the year) will be made.

Licenced by the Trail Runners Association